Custom Solution Development

Our highly skilled and experienced team will create customised software solutions to deliver you results, in the areas you need. Custom solution development is the best answer for your business. You are ensured the end product performs to your exacting and specific standards and requirements, rather than trying to work with an off-the-shelf program which can’t extract the information you need, presenting it in the format you want. We deliver professional solutions for you

Task Automation and Electronic Process Solutions

By effectively automating routine tasks and events, you will reduce labour costs and increase accuracy. Sound good? Our experienced technology team has pioneered several elements of business task automation. Our solutions are integrated into your existing business software, maximizing cost and time efficiencies. Automating tasks ensures consistent, repeatable and accurate results first time, every time.

Professional, Presentation Ready Data Reporting

Easily operated reports with timely data reporting will greatly assist in identifying trends, allow collaboration and assist in pinpointing both positive and negative business impacts. Our automated reporting systems will simplify your life. Graphical User Interfaces are integrated to suit your business needs and will make distribution efficient and consistent. All achieved by using data from your current software or standalone, developed tools.

Electronic Forms and Paperless Office Workflow

Boost productivity, save money and space, all while helping the environment. Sound good? Our Electronic Document Solution can instantly store, retrieve and redistribute electronic versions of your office material, with the click of a button. This system is easily integrated with your existing email client and eliminates unnecessary paper in your office. Gone are the days of missing files and incomplete forms. Contact us today for more information.

Business Intelligence and Analysis Tools

With our Business Tools, we can help you visualise your organisation’s activity and financial data, easily and quickly. This will empower you to realise the effects of your business decisions in real time. We can easily overlaying year-on-year analysis and trends, enabling you to pinpoint and drill through data to analyse performance. The benefits are many, from high level management reporting down to intricate, identifiable information providing a single reporting solution.

Compliance, Process and Audit Regulatory Systems

The benefits of having an industry specific Internal Auditing System developed for your business are many. It will provide independent, objective assurance and consulting activity, designed to add value and improve operations. It will ensure compliance is achieved/ maintained and it will help you accomplish your objectives. It can also identify inefficiencies, leading to cost savings.

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